My Favorite Daily Harvest Cups

I chat about my love for Daily Harvest super often in my Instagram Stories, and I have had lots of you ask about my favorite cups, so that’s what I’m going to share today! If you haven’t heard of Daily Harvest, it’s  a food delivery service that delivers thoughtfully sourced, chef-crafted foods built on organic fruits and vegetables, ready to enjoy in minutes! Perfect for busy bodies and stay at home moms that need a quick, healthy meal. And they are so good!

While I haven’t yet tried every single cup, I am getting pretty close! Here is a list of my favorites that I frequently order. If you are interested in trying out Daily Harvest for yourself, you can use code TAYMBROWN for your first 3 cups free! 🙂


  • banana & greens
  • cacao & avocado
  • cold brew & almond
  • ginger & greens
  • carrot & chia
  • oats & cacao 


  • chaga & chocolate
  • ginger & turmeric

Harvest bowls:

  • sweet potato & wild rice hash
  • cauliflower rice & pesto
  • brussel sprouts & tahini
  • butternut squash & chimichurri-quinoa
  • chipotle -red lentil & cumin


  •  Lentil & mesquite chili 

Oat bowls:

  • ALL of them!!

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