Keldon Update: 6 Months

How is my baby already a half a year old?! So hard to believe! He shares more and more of his personality and smarts everyday, and we couldn’t be more in love with him (even though that love seems to somehow grow stronger daily)! The last time I shared an update on Keldon was his 4 month update & schedule, which covered his sleep training with a sleep coach, his daily schedule and routine, and his favorite things and milestones, so I invite you to check that out in case you missed it! Today’s post will be sharing all the recent updates now that Keldon is 6 months old.

Keldon 6 month update and schedule, baby
Keldon 6 month update and schedule, baby
Keldon 6 month update and schedule, baby, starting solids, BLW, baby led weaning


  • Just started to army crawl! Every day he gets faster and more efficient… crazy to have him on the move already, and he sure is determined! He makes grunting noises while he does it which is so funny, you can really tell it’s taking all of his might to move, lol!
  • Started solids! Once we got the go-ahead from our pediatrician at Keldon’s 6 month check up a couple of weeks ago, we started slowly introducing solids. We are doing a mix of purees and Baby Led Weaning (BLW). Keldon’s first solids have been avocado, sweet potato, tomato, and banana (which he hated at first lol but now he loves). Thank you so much to all you mamas who shared your tips with me!! This is so new for Tom and I, so we appreciated the advice so much! We have an order coming in from Little Spoon soon, which I’m excited for him to try. Honestly, Tom and I have felt most comfortable with purees (BLW is a little more nerve wrecking than we thought, but still plan to keep working with it, too!)
  • As of 5.5 months, Keldon is no longer nursing and only bottle feeding. I have just a few pouches of breastmilk stored in the freezer that we will use to mix with some purees we make for him! He takes an 8oz bottle of formula (we use Enfamil NeuroPro) at each feeding. I assume this will decrease a bit as he starts eating more solids)
  • Rolls onto to his back and belly with ease
  • Babbling/chatting like crazy! “Dah” and spitting are his favorite “words” haha. We are convinced he was trying to say “Bruce” the on Sunday though!
  • Loves to stand and walk around with our assistance
  • He is very active and loves to stay busy! He doesn’t really like to relax unless he’s sleeping or riding in the car lol
  • As of about 5 months, Keldon stopped using the sleepsack. For naps, he will nap in whatever he’s wearing that day, and for bedtime he sleeps in sleepers (these are our favorite)
  • Loves to watch and pet Bruce! He thinks he’s hilarious which is the best!
  • Really starting to enjoy books! Especially loves this noisy book and this soft book
  • Went swimming in the lake recently! He loved it! We used an infant floating device, and it was a hit!
  • Moving around like crazy in his crib before falling asleep – he reached for his white noise and the faux fiddle leaf fig tree this week lol, had to do a little moving around! He is such a monkey! He always ends up scooting himself up to the upper left corner of his crib to sleep too!
  • Getting a helmet today to help resolve Keldon’s Plagiocephaly (flat head on one side)
Keldon 6 month update and schedule, baby
Keldon 6 month update and schedule, baby, infant swim floatation device

Keldon’s sleeping schedule actually has not changed since his 4 month update, but we have a few updates as far as his routine goes!


  • 7AM: Wakeup. Sometimes Keldon will wake on his own around 6:30 and will chat in his crib until 7am when I will go and get him. Lately he has been sleeping until 7 though, and I won’t keep him sleeping any later than that, otherwise it would throw off his nap schedule throughout the day (also detrimental for him to sleep 7-7 consistently!)
  • 7:05AM: Eat (8oz bottle)
  • Play! Our favorite play activities:
    • Tummy time/crawling practice (he will often play on the floor on his tummy and we will place toys he wants at a distance so he crawls to them)
    • Watching and petting Bruce
    • Activity center
    • Reading a book and singing songs (Old McDonald is a fave, haha). Noisy books are the most engaging for sure!
    • Going for walks in our stroller
    • Being outside! Sometimes when Keldon is fussy, we bring an activity (toys, books, etc) outside on our deck and he’ll be totally content. I think he loves the fresh air, outside sounds and watching the leaves blow in the wind on the trees 🙂
    • This toy is one of his recent favorites! Parents beware though, you’ll be singing the songs in your head before bed lol!
  • 8AM: Snack (solids – lately it’s been avocado, banana, tomato or sweet potato)
  • 8:30-9:30/10AM: Morning nap – Keldon will typically sleep until 10AM, but some days he will only sleep for an hour. If he wakes before 9:30, we will usually keep in his crib until 9:30AM while he has relax/crib time in which he’s content doing. We have black out curtains that we shut and we play this bear and this white noise machine for both naps and sleeping at night (the bear only plays lullaby music for about 5 minutes). Setting up a good sleep environment like this is so important!
  • 10:05AM: Eat (8oz bottle)
  • Play
  • 11:30AM-12:30/1PM: Afternoon nap
  • 1PM: Eat (8oz bottle)
  • Play
  • 3-4PM: Catnap (last nap of the day, we don’t let him sleep past 4pm)
  • 4:05PM: Eat (8oz bottle)
  • Play
  • 5:30/5:45PM: Snack (solids – lately it’s been avocado, banana, tomato or sweet potato). He only eats a little bit so he drinks his full bottle at bedtime
  • 6:15PM: Start bedtime routine with a bath
  • 6:45PM: Eat (8oz bottle)
  • 7PM: PJs and bedtime! We play the same bear and white noise for sleeping at night. Keldon sleeps in his footie pajamas (we love these and these). We always sing him “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” before bedtime (and naps too) 🙂
Keldon 6 month update and schedule, baby


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  1. Courtney wrote:

    Awe! Great to see all these development updates!! My little guy is coming up two months! They grow so fast!

    Posted 8.6.19 Reply
  2. julia wrote:

    Hi Taylor, thanks for posting these products! My baby is a little over a month behind Keldon in age so I bought a bunch of these products 🙂

    Quick question, I remember on your IG stories you mentioned post partum hair loss – did you find any products that helped (if any)? and are you still going through it? I feel like I am going to go bald soon 🙁

    Posted 8.11.19 Reply
    • Hi Julia! Sorry I’m late to respond. Time heals all, but taking my prenatals, drinking lots of water, cutting my hair shorter, taking collagen (I use Collagen For Her brand) and NAVY biotin shampoo & conditioner helped me a lot! xx

      Posted 10.22.19 Reply

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