Keldon Update: 10 Months

Keldon 10 month update, baby milestones 10 months

Keldon is technically just 1 week away from being 11 months old now (the 24th), but I wanted to share his updated schedule since turning 10 months, as well as some other fun things happening since his 8 month update!

10 month updates and milestones:

  • Graduating from his helmet this week (!!!) – we are so excited, but also a little nervous since his helmet also protects his head when he’s mobile, ha! The progress has been amazing, and Keldon now has a nice round head! Honestly, the helmet has been pretty easy and became routine quick. We were SO worried about it at first (as many of you mamas that I connected with are/were too), but I think it was harder on us than it was on Keldon. He really does not mind it unless he’s really warm (it get’s very sweaty and stinky under there, haha). He only fussed with it a little bit the first day, and ever since he has never tried to pull it off. I think I was most worried it would affect his sleep (prior to the helmet, he had somewhat recently started sleeping 12 hours every night and I did NOT want to mess that up), but he’s been an awesome sleeper and it never affected him, maybe just a little adjusting to it the first day or two). We are 100% happy with our decision on getting him a helmet to correct his head shape!! Also note: our pediatrician and physical therapist referred us to get the helmet. After PT for his tortocollis (which was solved), he still had a mis-shaped head and we moved forward with the helmet. His camo printed helmet isn’t a decal, it was one of the options when we got his helmet (I get that question a lot too!)
  • Standing on his own, but still a little wobbly!
  • He used to army crawl, but always crawls on his knees now. It started on carpet, and now he does it everywhere, and he’s pretty fast!
  • Belly laughing – soo much belly laughing! It’s the BEST!
  • He is starting to show his sense of humor, which is amazing!! The other day, he pretended to eat my toes and thought it was hilarious! I should share on insta stories. He also thinks it’s funny when I pretend to drink his bottle, and when he feeds Bruce his meal.
  • Wants to walk so bad! He’s taken a couple of steps but we aren’t sure if they really counted since it happened so fast, haha!
  • Loves cruising around in his walker
  • Wants to play with everything that isn’t a toy, lol – Tupperware, magnets, notebooks, home decor, the remote… everything!
  • He’s outgrowing sitting in his activity center – but he loves to stand and walk around it, playing with the toys attached as he goes!
  • He recognizes his name, mama, daddy, and Bruce. He’s starting to say Bruce too, which is crazy since he really doesn’t have a vocabulary yet (besides mumum). He says the B sound when we are talking about Bruce. I think he’s catching on to Nana and Raini too, since he spends time with them weekly!
  • Loves his Panda Crate activities, especially the farm! My current discount code is BROWN
  • Still loving books and story time – I keep telling anyone who asks me what he would like for Christmas to give him more board books, we are tired of reading the same ones, haha!
  • Keldon is SUCH a big eater! He loves to eat, and lots of it, haha. Most recently, he’s been more into foods with more texture (vs. his purees). His favorite foods are pretty much anything lol, but he’s especially fond of:
    • Pasta (regular noodles or spaghetti squash noodles) with tomato sauce
    • Baked chicken breast
    • Little Spoon (we still order these, even though he hasn’t been into purees as much. We’ll usually add some other foods in it to make it more exciting, such as chicken, small bread bits or puffs. I continue to order them since they are super healthy and a great way for him to get in lots of fruits & veggies!)
    • Mac and cheese (Annie’s or homemade)
    • Ground turkey
    • Toast with peanut butter
    • Butternut squash
    • Sweet potatoes and russet potatoes
    • Tomatoes (random, but he loves them)
    • Hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs
    • Fruit (bananas, pears, berries)
    • Waffles / pancakes
    • Oatmeal
    • Puffs and superfood bars (by HappyBaby/HappyTots)
Keldon 10 month update, baby milestones 10 months
Right before the first outing in the snow ๐Ÿ™‚
Keldon 10 month update, baby milestones 10 months
Meeting Santa for the first time! And somehow, someway, did not cry!

Keldon’s 10 Month Schedule:

  • 7:15AM: Wake up and get dressed (we transitioned his wake up and bedtime to 7:15-7:15 instead of 7-7)
  • 7:20AM: 6oz bottle (typically we will fill his bottles to 7oz of water to get a little more water intake since he doesn’t like to drink water that much)
  • 7:25AM: Read a book and play
  • 8/8:15AM-ish: Small breakfast/snack. Typically at this time we go for overnight oats, cooked oatmeal, waffles, toast with a little peanut butter, scrambled eggs, HappyTots bar or wafers or HappyBaby puffs
  • 8:15/8:30AM-ish: Play
  • 9:30AM: Nap
  • 11:15/11:30AM: Wake up. Keldon will typically sleep the full 2 hours, but sometimes will wake a little early and rest in his crib. Lately we’ve been putting little teethers and a rattle in his crib to play with if he wakes early, which he has enjoyed!
  • 11:30AM: 4oz bottle
  • 11:35AM: Play
  • 12:30PM: Lunch (see foods above)
  • 12:45PM: Clean up – Keldon is usually content in his walker with some toys or chasing around Bruce in it while we clean up from lunch
  • 12:55PM: Play
  • 2:00PM: Nap. He will either sleep the full 2 hours or have a little crib time when he first gets in his crib or during the last 15 minutes or so of his nap
  • 4PM: Wake up
  • 4:05PM: 4oz bottle (with a little more water). This is one of my favorite parts of the day during the week, since Keldon and I will watch Ellen together while he eats ๐Ÿ™‚
  • 4:10PM: Play and wait for Dad to come home which is usually around 4:30/5. Once Tom is home, we will play as a family and talk about our day. If it’s a day that I don’t have help with Keldon, I will usually take 30-45 minutes to do some work while Tom and Keldon bond
  • 5PM: Snack, if needed
  • 5:30/5:45/6PM-ish: Dinner (see foods he eats above)
  • 6:15PM-ish: Clean up/play
  • 6:30PM: Bath time, if bath day. Keldon now takes baths every other day since he gets pretty bad eczema and dry skin in the winter
  • 6:45PM: PJs and 2-4oz bottle (with more water added)
  • 7:00PM: Story time
  • 7:15PM: Bedtime

For those wondering about Keldon’s care, I typically receive help from Raini (my part-time Nanny and personal assistant) 3 days a week from 9-2, and my mother in law Linda 1 day a week for a full work day.

Keldon 10 month update, baby milestones 10 months

Keldon’s current favorite toys/activities:

It’s hard to believe we are just a little over 1 month from his 1st birthday. Freaking out over here!! Where did my little baby go? Once Christmas is over, I’ll need to get planning on his 1st birthday party… Any tips/ideas welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Nicole Anne wrote:

    Keldon is so cute! You are such a wonderful momma!


    Posted 12.16.19 Reply
  2. Ilona wrote:

    He is SO adotable!! I have not celebrated my babies first birthdays – we have a small house not enough space for everyone โ€“ but from what I have noticed going to other parties, itโ€™s all about mom celebrating that achievement ha ha because babies donโ€™t really understand it yet! Iโ€™m excited to see what you come up with

    Posted 12.16.19 Reply

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