Q&A with Tay

“Favorite affordable bronzer?” This one! Shade is sun kissed. I wear this as an every day/easy makeup day bronzer when I’m not doing much.

“What is your bathroom cabinet color?” Sherwin Williams ‘Peppercorn’ – it’s the same color as our basement shiplap wall!

“Favorite bump friendly staple piece?” Aerie Real Me leggings or Lululemon Align leggings (size up in both for the bump).

“Gift basket ideas to spoil new mamas?”
– Mama necklace/bracelet
– Comfy Mama graphic sweatshirt
– Lip mask (favorite is Laneige)
– Cute baseball cap (I ❤️ this one from SnackBish)
– Wine or coffee tumbler
– Bath soak (Herbivore Coconut Milk is my fave)
– Slippers
– Cozy blanket
– Mani/pedi or massage gift card
– Home Chef or food service gift cards

“Any advice for first time moms when it comes to breastfeeding?” I wrote this blog post with advice! I am not going to be so hard on myself the second time around.

“Favorite setting powder, specifically for concealer/under eyes?” This one by Hourglass! Also love Laura Mercier translucent but I like this one a pinch more. 🤏🏻

“What is the bench your entry way?” We have this one from Wayfair!

“Are you and Tom set on the baby’s name?” Yep! First and middle 💙

“How are you liking Bondi Boost? Looking for something to help with shedding/breakage!” I love it! It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve started using it, but I do feel like my hair feels thicker and stronger. Glad I have it in my arsenal when PP hair loss hits. My hair grows pretty fast in general, but know it’s helped many grow their hair longer. And I personally love the fresh, minty scents of the products and it makes my scalp feel so clean!

“How did your glucose test go? I’m a few days ahead of you and failed the 1 and 3 hour test.” I passed, but it’s common not to pass them, don’t worry! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean your failing you or your baby. The test just helps your doctor know how to best care for you and your baby during and throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

“What convinced you to get the Snoo bassinet for baby #2? I’m on the fence.” Lots of mamas swear by it and I heard raving reviews from lots of followers! I barely slept the first 4 months with Keldon (which was given, but some people get lucky with a good sleeper) so I’m willing to take the chance for better sleep! I can’t function and am so unhappy when I’m short on sleep. I’m excited to try it and give you guys a review. So expensive, but I hear you can rent them for much cheaper!

“Have you ever used a purple shampoo? Any you would recommend?” This one by Kevin Murphy is the best! I buy mine from my hairstylist. This helps brassiness with balayage/highlights too (obvi since that’s what I use it for haha). Some can be so drying and harsh on your hair – this one isn’t!

“Could you share the organizer bins (or similar ones) that you had in Keldon’s closet please?” Sure – these ones from Target! They have more sizes too and hold up so well. We’ve had ours for over a year now and use them daily.

“What is your favorite thing to splurge on?” Handbags for sure. Levels up the most affordable outfit and resale value is great if you decide to part with them later. I saved a profile highlight on my IG with a review on my luxury bags if you’re interested.

“Does new baby’s name have a significance like Keldon’s?” Yes! His middle name doesn’t, but the first name does. Keldon’s name is a mix of Tom’s dad’s name (Kelvin) and my dad’s name (Don). We didn’t get as creative for this one, but does have significance!

“Where do you get your photos printed?” Mpix.com! Super affordable and I’ve been happy with all the prints.

“Do you ever find new trends to be horrendous? Is it hard to be an influencer when that is the case?” Yes- some new trends I just can’t vibe with! I only wear what I like and feel confident in. A lot of trends I swear I won’t cave into I end up at least trying eventually. Currently can’t see myself wearing Grandma’s knitted crop sweaters and vests, but never say never!

“Do you use anything during pregnancy to help with stretch marks?” Yes, this belly butter!

“How much caffeine do you drink while pregnant?” I follow the 200mg daily recommendation for pregnancy (or less). I mostly drink Stลk cold brew mixed with a little creamer + almond milk for an at home latte (1-2 lattes a day). Serving size is 145mg of caffeine per 12oz.

“Best financial advice?” Try to pay off debt as soon as possible, starting with the highest interest rates. Credit cards, car loans, student loans… etc.!


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  1. Lisa Simonson wrote:

    were did you get the candle sticks in you lower level remodel and were did you get the t shirt that you have on in your Q&A.
    Thank You
    I hope you do not mind that we like your style. I always feel bad asking people were did you get that!

    Posted 6.19.21 Reply
    • Hi Lisa,

      The candle sticks were provided by construction2style so I’m not positive, and the t-shirt I designed with Tula Boutique but is no longer available – sorry about that! Never feel bad to ask where things are from ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your sweet words!

      Posted 6.19.21 Reply

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