Keldon Update: 21 Months

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The last time I did a Keldon update was 15 months, so it’s definitely time to give you guys an update! He is now 21 months and it was probably the longest stretch without much change in his schedule or new things to share, but definitely think it’s time now! You can check out Keldon’s other updates here: 15 months, 1 year, 10 months, 8 months, 6 months, 4 months.

21 Month Updates & Milestones

  • He is talking way more! He doesn’t necessarily have a lot of clear words, but he says mama, dad, Bruce, Nana, ball, bath, Bambas, Gigi (he says this for both my mom’s dog and my MIL’s dog – their names are Georgie and Charlie haha!), and just recently started saying his name even though it really doesn’t sound like it – he’s working on it though!
  • Favorite activities include playing hide and go seek (we have so much fun doing this!), going to the sport court to play with his lawn mower, basketball and footballs, “exercising” doing squats with obe fitness :), playing with playdoh, coloring (mess free markers are a must), going to the park and on walks (getting more antsy in the stroller these days!), riding his Crazy Coupe and Scooteroo, puzzles, anything from his Lovevery Boxes, and helping us with chores any way he can!
  • He is also obsessed with this little empty hair product bottle I have with a nozzle. He carries it around and loves to take the cap on and off, lol – no idea
  • Running around like crazy!
  • He can walk up the stairs on his own (we will either walk right behind him or hold his hand, so he isn’t alone while he does this). He will walk down the stairs with help as we hold his hand
  • Keldon also gets a little screen-time with Cocomelon on longer car rides or if Tom and I are trying to prep dinner – he is SO busy, but loves the songs on Cocomelon! We limit his time to 30 minutes per day, if that
  • Still a big fan of songs and requests to sing together or play the song on Alexa often – his favorites (that he also does the signs to) are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and One Little Finger
  • A big reader! Keldon often will pick up a book and read independently (and also will sit down and let us read to him if we are lucky lol, he is so busy)
  • Anytime we have a play date with a friend that has a toy kitchen, Keldon stays so busy with it! Santa is definitely bringing him one this year πŸ™‚
  • Loves chasing Bruce around and watching Bruce bark, play and run around!
  • One of the biggest transitions was Tom leaving his job to be a full time, stay-at-home dad. He is also helping me run my business, but now Tom spends most of the day with Keldon while I work! We are super grateful we were able to do this. Before, Tom wouldn’t get much time with Keldon due to his early bedtimes and Tom having to leave really early for his work commute (pre-quarantine). This happened late June!
  • Flips through our Chatbooks all the time! He will point out and name everyone which is so sweet
  • Gives hugs while patting your back, lol!
  • Keldon is still a big eater and even more picky than at 15 months haha, he knows that sometimes something better is available if he doesn’tΒ loveΒ what he’s eating! Here is a list of what he mainly eats (along with his 4 cups of milk a day):
    • Nurture Life meals and also recently tried Little Plates
    • Pasta (regular noodles or spaghetti squash noodles) with tomato sauce, sometimes we also add ground turkey
    • Overnight oats (1 cup oats, almond milk or whole milk and 1 tsp ground chia seed mixed and soaked overnight in the fridge, enjoy cold) sometimes with a little peanut butter or fruit
    • Banana pancakes (1 ripe banana + 1 egg, sometimes add a little bit of rolled oats, pinch of cinnamon and/or chia seeds)
    • Hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs
    • Baked chicken breast
    • Waffles / pancakes, one of Keldon’s all time favorite foods
    • Quesadillas (with cheese, black beans, sometimes tomatoes and/or spinach)
    • Mac & cheese (Annie’s or Noodles & Co. is our go-to, haha)
    • Toast with peanut butter
    • Baked sweet potatoes and russet potatoes
    • Sheet pan meals (baked chicken, broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, onions, etc)
    • Black olives (sliced – Target has organic ones in a pack that are super handy)
    • Roma or grape tomatoes (random, but he loves them. Also, we cut these up FYI)
    • Fruit (bananas, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, pears, apples)
    • Once Upon a Farm fruit + veggie pouches
    • Bambas
    • Late July sandwich crackers
    • DINO Bars
    • Bambas peanut butter puffs
    • Kids Larabars

Current Schedule

  • 7:30AM: Wake up and get dressed for the day (we transitioned his wake up and bedtime from 7:45-8 to 7:30 since he was waking earlier, it’s getting darker earlier, and we want to ease into daylight savings)
  • 7:35: 4oz of milk out of sippy cup (1oz less than before)
  • 7:45: Breakfast – our go-to breakfasts are waffles, overnight oats, oatmeal, toast, eggs, yogurt & fruit, banana + pouch or Larabar
  • 8:15-10:00: Play time
  • 10:15: Snack
  • 10:30-11:30: Outside time (weather permitting) – walk, park, backyard, etc. and play time at home
  • 12:30/12:45: Lunch (see above for lunch ideas)
  • 1:00: Nap time
  • 2:45-3:30: Wake – he will typically sleep at least an hour and a half or more
  • 3:30ish: 4oz of milk and snack
  • 4:00: Play time/outside time
  • 5:15/5:30: Dinner
  • 6:00: Play time and go for a walk/outside time
  • 6:30: 4oz milk (1oz less than before)
  • 6:45: Bath time if it is a bath night (Keldon gets a bath every 2 nights usually)
  • 7:00: Jammies, read stories together and encourage quiet play, though Keldon is sometimes hyper before bed!
  • 7:30: Bedtime

Current Favorite Books & Toys:

Thanks for reading! Hope this post was helpful πŸ™‚


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