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1. “What pillow do you use to help with your neck pain?” I initially bought the $80 Coop pillow that everyone swears by but it did not work for me since I still woke up with neck pain. So then, I ordered this memory foam pillow off of Amazon that is half the price of the Coop. My life has been forever changed! I am a side sleeper and it’s really comfortable. Don’t let the shape or texture scare you!

2. “What are the mini gold whisks that you use for your coffee?” I ordered these whisks off of Amazon! They come in black, gold, and rose gold. I ordered mine in gold!

3. “What do you do with all the clothes you buy?” I will give to family + friends, donate, and put on Poshmark. We had a garage sale this summer too and it was mostly my clothes (lol). Due to the nature of my job, I go through clothes quicker than your average and no one could possibly wear all the clothes especially since I don’t get out much these days. I usually will part with something after it sells out. People get bummed when things are sold out so I try not to wear things on camera that are!

4. “Could you share those affordable makeup sponges?” These Amazon beauty blenders come in a pack of 5 (use code TAYMBROWN to make them $7) + free prime ship!

5. “What is your Poshmark handle?” @taymorganbrown. I will also link my closet here!

6. “Do you eat a pretty clean diet?” I would say it’s pretty balanced. I eat what I want but I try to eat lower carb during the week (chicken breast, salads, eggs, etc.) but I eat dessert after both lunch and dinner – like a peanut butter cup or cookie. I’m not really strict but I don’t always enjoy eating meals that I know will make me feel like crap after!

7. “What warm leggings would you recommend for the winter that aren’t Spanx?” I love the Fabletics Cold Weather leggings. I wore them golfing when it was 44 degrees out!

8. “Do you have a Spanx coupon code?” It is TAYLORXSPANX for 10% off!

9. “Best seamless, no show undies?” I like these from Spanx. They have a little compression for your tummy too. Awesome to wear under dresses or tight skirts. I ordered mine in a S, true to size.

10. “Could you link your desk pad please?” I ordered this one from Amazon! It comes in a few other colors and sizes as well.

11. “What at home gel manicure supplies do you use and the color that you’re currently wearing?” I ordered this UV light and I buy all of my gel + lacquer polish from Walmart or BeyondPolish! The color that I’m currently wearing is ‘That’s What Friends are Thor‘ by OPI.

12. “What is your Home Chef code?” My Home Chef code is TAYLOR80 for $80 off your first 4 boxes!

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  1. Candace thompson wrote:

    I love watching your insta posts there amazing Iโ€™ve ordered tons from it thanks

    Posted 10.20.20 Reply
  2. Carol wrote:

    Thank you for sending this newsletter! Itโ€™s a great resource and I love all your ideas and recommendations. They are all very helpful! It helps to see the item and you always give an explanation ! Thank you!! I have enjoyed a lot of the products you recommended

    Posted 10.25.20 Reply
    • I appreciate this feedback so much, Carol! Thank you!

      Posted 10.27.20 Reply

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