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“What are Keldon’s normal dinners/lunches? Looking for ideas!” He often eats whatever we are eating. Other than that, we are still ordering Nurture Life meals a couple of times a month (30% off your first order with code TAYLOR30), eggs and grilled cheese with veggies and fruit on the side, turkey sandwiches, pb&j, smoothies, overnight oats.. that’s all I can think of right now!

“We are building a home this spring. Anything you wish you would’ve done differently when building?” Our biggest regret was not raising our ceiling in our bedroom! Things add up quickly when you’re building and it was something we trimmed off. But we would’ve done it if we had to redo it (that’s so structural and would be way more $ and a pain to do now). Also, lights..all came standard with the ‘boob lights’. It’s an easy thing we can do on our own, but if we were to go back we would have gone for some updated light fixtures. However, the upgrades we were happy that we went with: upgrading the kitchen island (wider), bumping the garage 4ft, bonus room, sport court, media cabinets in our main living room. I have a blog post about our experience with our builders and building our home linked here!

“How did you get started with blogging? Was it a blog first before IG?” Both at the same time! I answer more about how I got started on my FAQ page.

“Do you still like your Leesa mattress and adjustable base?” Absolutely LOVE. I know nothing compares to your own bed but this is my favorite mattress in the world and we’ve had it for a few years. We also have the adjustable base, which is so nice for watching TV and working on my laptop in bed. I can imagine it would be helpful for back pain too! And if I get acid reflux t night from pregnancy, I can adjust the incline to sleep better πŸ™‚

“Do you ever feel concerned (safety) sharing so much of your life online?” No – I’m careful with what I share/post and answer, and we’ve never felt scared for our safety or threatened. Before I started my blog, I also made sure that Tom felt comfortable and committed!

“Have you looked into double strollers/wagons? I’m also due in July and have a 2-year-old!” Yes! I’ve heard awesome things about the Twin+ Zoe stroller and have an opportunity to partner with them so we will be giving this one a try. I will share our review and hopefully get a discount for you guys, too!

“Will you get another dog? Bruce-ette?” We were sooo close to getting a girl Boston like 3 months before Keldon was born but decided we better not. I think that was for the best. But probably in the future – I could see it happening in 2-3 years.

“Does buying from LTK/swipe up links benefit us for winning giveaways?” No, we can’t see who buys from our links or swipes up on stories, just how many people did. Even if we did, I’d never pick from that – that’s not fair! Everyone has a different budget and I don’t expect people to buy everything I share.

“What baby monitor are you planning to use for two babes?” We bought the Nanit for baby 2 – we have the Motorola Halo+ for Keldon and like it but it would never connect on our phones for some reason and I couldn’t figure out how/if we could hook 2 monitors up to it. So, I kind of spontaneously bought this one on Black Friday from Amazon. I liked the additional features it had too! It sounds silly now as I write this to have 2 separate monitors though. πŸ˜›

“How long did you breastfeed Keldon? Did you ever have supply issues?” I have a blog post on my breastfeeding journey with Keldon linked here!

“What is your favorite local ice cream or dessert shop?” Nadia Cakes! When we lived closer and pregnant with Keldon, we went so much. They’re known for their cupcakes but also have lots of other good desserts. Fun fact, they were my client at my previous job – awesome people!

“What was your biggest lifesaver with morning sickness? I’m dying!” So sorry!! It’s the worst, especially when you have to force yourself to be productive. I felt so sick too, but things that helped me:
– Eat every 1.5-2 hours. I felt if I went past this point I would get nauseous. And eat ASAP in the morning – like put crackers bedside and eat before getting out of bed
– Stick to more bland foods, or really any foods that you crave.
– Peppermint tea
– Unisom + vitamin B6
– Upspring stomach settle drops/ preggo pop drops
– Gingerale
– Rest!
*Don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor if you are miserable!*

“What type of maternity leave will you take?” No plan for this really – just go with how I’m feeling and give myself grace when it comes to working. Since I already create my schedule and work from home, I will work when I feel like it! I think with Keldon, I started doing little things after one week and honestly, it helped me feel like myself since I enjoy my work.

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