Style Guide: Fall Family Photos

Per popular request, I’ve created a new style guide for fall family photos this year! The outfit inspiration I created last year for spring and fall were a big hit, so I’m happy I can be a resource when planning out your family outfits for your photoshoot. I know that it’s personally one of the biggest tasks / stressors when planning, so I hope these helped! Feel free to check out last year’s post here if you are looking for more inspiration!

family photo outfit tips:

  • Consider your background/backdrop. Probably the very first thing you should think about before picking out anyone’s outfits! Be mindful of the colors and how busy the background is so that you don’t clash.
  • Plan your outfit first! Typically, you will care the most about your outfit and will likely have the most options. Start with mama, and move onto your daughter(s), son(s), and then finally your spouse. 
  • A neutral color palette will never tire. Colors are fun and show personality, but if you plan to have these photos on your walls for years to come, having your family wear a neutral color palette will mesh best with fitting into your home decor season after season, year after year. 
  • Coordinate colors, but don’t necessarily match. Matching can be cute, but also look cheesy, lol. I have a 90’s family photo where my family and I are ALL wearing denim outfits; I was even wearing a denim hat. I guess it keeps us laughing to this day, but it depends what you are going for… ha! 
  • Keep patterns minimal. I love a good floral pattern and stripe, but you won’t want everyone rocking patterns on their threads. Photos will appear too busy and can easily clash. Solids are always a safe choice! If you can, limit one person to a pattern.
  • Let your kiddos have a little say. If they absolutely don’t want to wear something or don’t like wearing a certain thing, don’t make them. I will likely lead to a melt down during the shoot, which won’t do any good for photos (or your stress level)!
  • Keep it modest. I think this goes without saying, but…
  • Try on your outfits in advance. To ensure proper fit and that you like how they look.
  • Stick to one outfit. I wouldn’t force the family into changing into more than one outfit. It’s timely, can get complicated, and your kids probably won’t be too happy!

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Shop these looks HERE

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