Follower Favorites of 2020

Happy new year, friends! These were my top 5 best selling items in 2020, followed by my top 5 Amazon best selling items.

1 // Etsy Leopard Face Mask Not surprising that this was my top best selling item in 2020. This mask is super soft and cute!

2 // Soma Wireless Bra This has been on my top 5 month-after-month this year. You can never go wrong with a comfortable wireless bra!

3 // Target Faux Leather Snakeskin Sneakers Coming in at number 3, we have these cute snakeskin sneakers from Target.

4 // Athena Club Razor Kit It makes complete sense that this made it to the top 5 – this razor is IT. I can safely say that I have never used a better razor than this one!

5 // Target Office Desk I love my office desk, and you did too! It’s minimal, yet functional; with two drawers and a spot at the front of the desk to organize cords.

1 // Toggle Disc Necklace This moon and star necklace was my best selling item on Amazon! It’s super affordable and great for layering with other necklaces.

2 // Double Layer Necklace Another great and affordable double-layered necklace made the top 5! Comes in gold and silver.

3 // Beaky Makeup Blenders These makeup blenders are a great dupe to the Beauty Blenders. Comes in a pack of 5, and super affordable!

4 // Wood Bead Garland This wood bead garland is one of my favorite home accents, and you all loved it too! It is very versatile to match any decor.

5 // Seagrass Basket Another home item made the top 5! We use this basket on the back of the toilet to hold extra rolls of toilet paper 🙂

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